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Promotional author visits Yorkshire spring 2022

Welcome to Julia Edwards Books!

Every year between January and March, Julia offers promotional visits and reduced cost workshops to schools in certain counties of the UK. This year, she is offering visits to schools in Yorkshire around existing bookings, during the weeks beginning 14 February 2022 [FULLY BOOKED] and 4 April 2022.


​Following a well-established pattern she has used in Norfolk for the last five years, Julia is offering:

  • a one-hour free promotional visit for KS2 (no limit on numbers). This session is a whistle-stop tour through history, introducing Julia's Scar Gatherer series and featuring an abundance of quirky, fascinating and occasionally grisly facts from history. It also gives children a chance to test their historical knowledge in a format that is fun and engaging.

  • a half day of workshops (which includes the free promotional talk) reduced to £125

  • a full day of workshops (which includes the free promotional talk) reduced to £225

Each school (including schools who wish to book the promotional visit only) will need to contribute to Julia's accommodation and travel at a flat  rate of £80 per school, so that her expenses are covered collectively.

Julia is also considering possible workshop topics associated with her latest book, 'Unlucky for Some'.  If you would particularly like a workshop based on 'Unlucky for Some', or on any topic not already included on the workshop list, please let Julia know when you book. There is no additional charge for this.


Watch this short video for more information about the workshops Julia offers to schools, and to get a sense of her approach with children.

KS2 workshop list thumbnail.jpg
Scar Gatherer e-flyer. Unlucky for Some Scar Gatherer series history time travel tales twist bite Julia Edwards books independent author writing workshops schools kids children teach VIPERS comprehension Key Stage 2 Two

Please contact Julia as soon as possible if your school is interested in a visit, as these weeks are expected to fill up quickly. 

Tel: 01722 500712

Mobile: 07790 102857

Welcome to Julia Edwards Books!

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