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Time was awaY

'Time was Away' is Julia's first book for adults, with its heart in the New Forest where she grew up.

Life doesn't give us many second chances.
One autumn evening, almost fourteen years after she vanished from his life, Daniel catches a glimpse of his childhood sweetheart. Having seen her, he finds he cannot forget her again.

After his marriage proposal to his long-term girlfriend is rejected, Daniel decides to leave London and make a fresh start in the New Forest where he spent his summer holidays as a boy. However, his hopes of renewing his acquaintance with Hetty, his childhood friend and first love, are disappointed: Hetty is nowhere to be found. More curiously, nobody admits to remembering her.

​As Daniel begins to investigate, he makes an unlikely friend. But his search has unexpected consequences too, and brings him face to face with someone who will stop at nothing to keep the truth from coming out.  

Time was Away by Julia Edwards. Unlucky for Some Scar Gatherer series history time travel tales twist bite Julia Edwards books independent author writing workshops schools kids children teach VIPERS comprehension Key Stage 2 Two

ISBN: 9781519356116

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