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Elise in Minnesota sent Julia a Minecraft retelling of The Leopard in the Golden Cage, featuring her favourite scene (the loo) as well as an amazing leopard. You can see Elise's full Minecraft book report here. Thank you, Elise!

... plus more conventional reviews ...

"I love The Ring from the Ruins. I think it is the best of Julia Edwards' Scar Gatherer books and it has the most intriguing, inventive plot. The story is based in World War Two and it is a helpful window into what life would have been like for ordinary people during the Liverpool bombing. I would recommend this book strongly for readers aged 10 to 14 who enjoy adventure books and like discovering facts about history. It is a thrilling and very enjoyable book and I think it is the perfect finale for a wonderful book series."

Jonathan, aged 11

"I am from the English School of Gothenburg, Sweden. I loved all the workshops you did with us in class. I bought The Scar Gatherer series and I am on the fifth book now [Slaves for the Isabella]. When I started reading the book I just loved it! I couldn't stop reading. I love all the books that I have read from this series. It does not matter how many times you read, it is always interesting! I have recommended this series to my friends. I have learnt a lot about different time periods in the series. I hope you continue to write many more books."

Annika, aged 11

"The Shimmer on the Glass is the best book in the series so far as it was a real page turner and I really got stuck into it. I liked the amount of description in the setting, it helped to give the impression you were really there. I think the best bits were the very end where all the loose ends were tied up and I also liked the start, the bit where he was on the sinking boat as it was very tense. "

Reuben, aged 11

"Hello Julia Edwards! Do you remember coming to Winterslow school? I have read all of your books and I can't wait for the next book. My favourite part in The Demon in the Embers is when Joe and Tobias are fighting and Joe gets Solomon to ... [spoiler deleted!] ... Just saying thank for writing all of these books I love all of them."

Ben, aged 11

"I really enjoyed The Shimmer on the Glass. It had loads of mysteries. The characters were well described and I could imagine them in my head. I could imagine the setting as well and the street and the part where he went to the cove and found the loose rock. My favourite part of the book was where he was taking the pictures with Mr Carraway. I thought the end of the book was best because you found out all the answers to the mysteries."

Lilia, aged 9

"At first it seemed like a normal book. Something happens to the hero, then they save the day and everyone lives happily after. But the book is full of twists, such as when Tiberius ...[spoiler deleted!] ... I was up to 11 o'clock reading it because I could not put it down."

James, aged 14

"I really liked this for many reasons.... This might sound gory but one of my favourite bits of the book was when Joe and Tiberius ... [spoiler deleted!] ... Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and it is one of my favourite books - and I'm not just saying that."

Jeanie, aged 10

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