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Tudor England

Click on the buttons to find out what was what in Tudor England.

There's a timeline, to show you what happened when, and where The Falconer's Quarry fits in.


Then there are some famous Tudors, a couple of Tudor recipes for you to try, a bit more information about the sinking of the Mary Rose - which happens off-stage in the book - and some useful links to other websites about the Tudors.

scar gatherer series time travel children adventure fiction history ring ruins shimmer glass slaves isabella demon embers falconer's quarry saving unicorn's horn leopard golden cage Julia Edwardsgatherer series time travel children adventure fiction history falconer's quarry Julia Edwards

Henry's daughter, Mary I

Henry's son, Edward

Henry VIII

Henry's third wife, Jane Seymour

Henry's daughter, Elizabeth I

A nice snap of Henry VIII with his family - except that Jane Seymour (to the right of Henry) died when Edward (to the left of Henry) was two weeks old, seven years before this was painted. You may think it's a bit odd to have her in the picture, but as you'll discover in The Shimmer on the Glass, the Victorians wouldn't have thought so.

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